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  1. Hi,
    On my machine, this code simply generates an empty form with Rad Studio 2010…? I’m a newbie to C++ builder, but afaict none of the openGL code is called — or is it necessary to add something?

    (The compiled example works beautifully of course.)


  2. Hi Allan,

    Thanks for responding…. I’m using TOpenGLAPPanel 1.2.0. I think the issue relates to initialization of this component for 2 reasons:
    1. declaring TOpenGLAPPanel pointers in the “_published” area of the respective headers raises an objection that no such component can be found even though, a dialog allows us to ignore the error, and the project still builds ok. This error disappears (?) if we place the declaration in the ‘User area’. Or at least the dialog does.

    2. If I step through in the debug version, or add stop points, I seem to be seeing that the openGL code is unreachable. I assume that there is some C-builder ‘magic’ happening behind the scenes with USEFORM that should be calling the openGL stuff. If you can point me in the right direction for what should be happening here, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, it’s still a mystery to me how any of the openGL is called, or, more importantly, how it might be subsequently debugged.

    I also see that someone else (Eshun) seems to have suffered this problem with the text/clock example. I tried running both examples as admin and didn’t see any difference. Also, as I reported above, the precompiled examples work fine.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Allan,

    A colleague has just explained what you probably meant by “install” ie through the Component > Install Packages menu item(s).

    Removing “OpenGLAP” via this menu and reinstalling it seems to have fixed my original problem, but oddly, does not make any difference for these examples. Also, I still fail to see how the openGL stuff is being called (and debug breakpoints are not being reached), though I guess now that the details are tucked away inside the component/package files…?

    Apologies if I’ve missed a readme file somewhere, but maybe I’m still doing things in the wrong order…

    regards, Richard

  4. Glad to hear you managed to work it out.
    It is not very well documented and requires to have knowledge of how vcl components work.

    You might need to have control of your paths to the component so you don’t end up with having the compiler/debugger to see two different binaries. (ex the local zipped bpl and one in RAD studio project cause you compiled it)

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