VCL Component (TOpenGLAPPanel)

Another bug has slipped through my testing.
The Get3DTextSize() contained a small error that caused 1 character length string to be ignored.

Download TOpenGLAPPanel 1.1.9
(366.05 KB Downloaded 1804 times)
OpenGL VCL Component for Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010

6 comments to VCL Component (TOpenGLAPPanel)

  • Nicolas

    It would be nice that you add support for Opengl 3.x+ contexts in your component, I found it perfect but it lacks all the new stuff.

  • I know that it all originates from the early days of OpenGL.
    I’m currently using “OpenGL Easy Extension library” (GLee) for new extensions, like in my “Bitmap Layer Demo”.

  • Liu

    Can you support multiple panel in one window?

  • It is supported, just drop as many panels as you like in one window, but remember to use MakeOpenGLPanelCurrent () before using any gl calls for each panel to switch between them.

  • phil


    I seem to have solved the -vb error but trying imported code (which has already compiled on XP using OGLAPP) I am asked for vcljpg.lib and dclusr.lib. are these connected with OpenGLAPP ?

  • The vcljpg.lib is for using jpg files with the TImage component you can include the lib file with
    #pragma link “vcljpg.lib”,

    dclusr.lib I can’t recall, but none of them is directly related to my component.

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