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6 thoughts on “VCL Component (TOpenGLAPPanel)”

  1. It would be nice that you add support for Opengl 3.x+ contexts in your component, I found it perfect but it lacks all the new stuff.

  2. I know that it all originates from the early days of OpenGL.
    I’m currently using “OpenGL Easy Extension library” (GLee) for new extensions, like in my “Bitmap Layer Demo”.

  3. It is supported, just drop as many panels as you like in one window, but remember to use MakeOpenGLPanelCurrent () before using any gl calls for each panel to switch between them.

  4. Hi

    I seem to have solved the -vb error but trying imported code (which has already compiled on XP using OGLAPP) I am asked for vcljpg.lib and dclusr.lib. are these connected with OpenGLAPP ?

  5. The vcljpg.lib is for using jpg files with the TImage component you can include the lib file with
    #pragma link “vcljpg.lib”,

    dclusr.lib I can’t recall, but none of them is directly related to my component.

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