This component is an OpenGL panel, used to quickly implement an OpenGL window in your application.
Handling OpenGL options, automatic buffer swapping, Texture loading, drawing of 3D/2D text.

[download id=”5″]
[download id=”6″]
[download id=”3″]
[download id=”1″]
[download id=”2″]
[download id=”4″]
[download id=”7″]
[download id=”13″]
[download id=”18″]
[download id=”20″]
[download id=”29″]
[download id=”33″]

OpenGL Demo

[download id=”9″]
[download id=”14″]
[download id=”17″]

Windows 7

[download id=”8″]
[download id=”11″]
[download id=”15″]
[download id=”19″]


[download id=”10″]
[download id=”12″]

One thought on “Downloads”

  1. Hello Allan,
    I use your component in BCB 5.
    Can I use the componentfor XE2 in XE7?
    How to install it?

    Best regards.

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