Category: RAD Studio 2010

Thumbnail Toolbars

The more advanced taskbar in windows 7 has the capability to add a toolbar in the thumbnail preview. This example put two buttons in the thumbnail, and the main window will display a text when one of these buttons is displayed. (remember to press register before they appear)

VCL Component

Due to a few bugs found in my TOpenGLAPPanel i’m releasing an update. Draw2DText, Draw3DText and Get3DTextSize contained a Unicode error, so I desided to go back to good old char * in those functions.


Small scanner application to demonstrate multi document environment (MDI) . It uses the “twain_32.dll” for handling the interface to your scanner.


The TDirect2DCanvas introduces an easy way of using Direct2D, a new 2-D graphics wrapper for Windows 7. Look here for information from microsoft:


This is a recompile of my web camera example program using the “video for windows” library, and build in capturing to avi file. If you need an encoder, try using “Windows Media Video 9 VCM”… Remarks: This is using VFW and the function capGetDriverDescription() only retrieves driver information like “Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)”.
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